Gemini Witching: Elements 101

Samantha Carpenter always considered sleepwalking a harmless condition. Most people wander their own homes or their immediate neighborhood. Sam wasn’t most people. She was found miles away from home at her place of employment behind locked doors bypassing the security system, putting the job she desperately needed at risk.

Emily Hunter was being followed by a dark presence. She could feel it. Fleeing college to escape her stalker, she landed in Salt Lake City where she found a career, love and a degree of freedom. Her ability to sense danger came in handy as a rookie on the SLCPD, but she never anticipated that ability would attract attention.

When a woman claiming to be their aunt brings these two strangers together, her revelations will lead Sam and Emily on a journey of self discovery in a world they never knew existed. They must race to establish their right as witches to be one of the Consul members in the Realm of Lights. Struggling to accept their new reality, the Gemini Witches are thrown in with Wizards and demons as they try to learn how to control the elements. With the Autumn Equinox fast approaching, they must find a way to unite, their untested talents the only defense against the forces that threaten to consume them, but when Sam is kidnapped by unknown forces, can Emily save her in time?

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24 thoughts on “Gemini Witching: Elements 101

      1. Mine? I’ve barely written the prequel, to be honest, so I have no idea. Most of my energy is being spent editing a YA thriller I’m trying to get beta ready. I’ll tweet you now…

  1. Found you from a link on Vanessa Grassi’s page. Your story line is captivating. Looking forward to reading the book.

  2. Hi Roberta. Stopped by to follow your blog. I love stories about witches and your book has an interesting plot. I see from your list on Goodreads that you love Kenyon also. I just won a couple of her books and look forward to reading them. I’ll check out Gemini Witching!!

    1. THANK YOU for the award! That’s AWESOME! I LOVE the both of those Kenyon series, but for No Mercy that’s like one of the most recent. You’ll be hooked and need to go back to the beginning of that series (like 20 or so books) to get the full effect. Blood Trinty is great! Love Eval!

  3. Thanks for following me, Roberta. The book sounds really good. I used to sleep walk and scared myself to death. I was afraid of getting in my car and driving somewhere without ever knowing it. I can see how something like that could happen.

  4. Dear Bert,
    Just finished rereading Elements 101. It’s even better the 2nd time!!
    In future books, please refrain from allowing any of the characters to engage in actions that make me verbally exclaim “What an IDIOT!” when I read it. 😉
    speaking of future books…

    1. Dear Donald…. (Hereafter and always forevermore, DUCKY)
      I LOVE that you are able to give me these pointers and voice your opinion. Gives me the material for a new blog. I’ll let you know when it’s ready!
      Love ya Duck!

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